Nigermat Gérard Pariche

In a few words...

NIGERMAT was founded in 1986 at Blangy-sur-Bresle, France, right in the heart of the “Glass Valley”.
Initially, with the sandblasting technique, the company was founded to complete the decoration services already offered by PARICHE (the other family-owned factory located just a few miles away). But NIGERMAT quickly acquires a whole new dimension by developing new and creative decorating techniques:
Screen-printing at first, then Decal Application, Pad Printing and finally Hot Stamping.
Today, NIGERMAT employs over 150 persons in the heart of the “Glass Valley”. Thus, NIGERMAT together with PARICHE provide a wide range of decorating technologies.


With a large installed base of automatic machines (Balsfulland, Kammann, Dubuit 329…) NIGERMAT specializes in the decoration of glass containers (high-end perfume, cosmetic and table ware).
In parallel, 35 semi-automatic machines offer specific services such as raised gold printing or masking for frosting.

Hot Stamping – Pad Printing

Essential complements to Screen-Printing, a few years ago, Hot Stamping and Pad Printing were added to the Company’s range of finishing solutions.

Sandblasting – Decal Application

Historically, Sandblasting was NIGERMAT’s first business. Backed by more than thirty years of experience, the company produces prestigious perfume bottles using derivatives of this ancestral technique (Mechanical cleaning, Sand engraving).